A conceptual art portfolio by David H. Cohn

Artist Statement:

I make videos that combine my own performances with lo-fi digital animation. Through repetitive, matched, and often simplistic color choices and recurring symbols, the works demonstrate both an internal logic and a personal need for order. Whether by exposing this need or by presenting the systems I use to solidify my sense of self, I perform a relation to the viewer that is both close and distant.

Far from creating seamless illusion, my videos acknowledge rather than conceal my digital intervention in the footage. Editing for me is also a process of editing my self— not just as an image but as a construct. With a degree of transparency into this editing process and into the logic that governs it, I display the differences that separate myself and the viewer as only I experience them.

By confronting the way I internally symbolize the reality of other people, I neither affirm nor bridge a chasm between myself and the viewer as they exist in their own interiority. Instead I acknowledge the cracks in any framework that might otherwise purport to permanently ground us together.

My musical compostions are also experiments of ordering through digital software. I use a systematized and mathematical composition process, taking recordings of drum phrases and editing them into evolving patterns accompanied by layers of synthesizers. My illustration work is systematic as well– I develop iconographic symbols that relate in different ways throughout a series of diagrams.



Northeastern University, Boston, MA (Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018) Graduate Teaching Fellow: Adobe 2D design


Northeastern University, Boston, MA (2016-2018) M.F.A, Interdisciplinary Arts

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA (2005-2009) B.A. degree


2018 June "MFA Thesis Show": Gallery 360, Northeastern University, Boston

2018 May "GDPR Party": Celebrating Digital Deletion at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 April "Thresholds" Group Show: Proof Gallery, Boston MA

2017 April "Interplay" Group Show: New Art Center, Newton MA